General Conditions



The Aguilera Group guarantees correct operation of its equipment for a period of two year, as from the delivery date.

Circumstances that will cancel the guarantee:                                                          

1.Non-compliance by the customer of the payment conditions agreed with him.             

2.Improper use of the equipment, incorrect or deficient installation, unsuitable location (highly corrosive sites etc).                                                                                                                    

3.It does not cover any damage deriving from catastrophe, storms, acts of vandalismand sabotage.


The freightage run on account of the client. The freightage that are realized out of the peninsula (Canary and Balear) and/or abroad they are subject to changes in the prices, from the shop online of the Group Aguilera an e-mail will be sent to the client reporting of the entire cost of the mailing.


Only the expenses of mailing will subscribe in the imputable returns to us for being a defective product or for delays in the delivery and always in his original packing. In the cases in which the returns are not for the causes quoted previously the expenses of mailing will run in charge of the client.


Only equipment that has not been used will be accepted for return and where no more than seven days have passed since its delivery.